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Osborn Home Builders :


It's always been the same! Whether the job is a remodel, as most projects were in the beginning, or a brand new home from the ground up: Quality and Customer Satisfaction are the two things we value most for our clients in the Quad Cities area and beyond. And that's why we receive awards for our homes and accolades from our customers.


Since the day of his graduation from carpenter apprenticeship training and his First Place finish in Bi-State regional skills competition, Brad Osborn has never stopped trying to be better at his craft. After many years as a finish carpenter for numerous builders and projects, Brad knew he had gained the expertise to provide a better product and a better experience for his customers. As a general contractor he would be able to control the quality of each new home from the very beginning to the very end.


We know full well, as should every prospective home buyer, that constructing a new home is not solely a transaction between the general contractor and his client, but is a matter involving literally hundreds of people. The quality, character and performance of each - general contractor, architect, subcontractor, material supplier, sales person, and manufacturer have to be recognized from the beginning to insure that a quality product is delivered in the end. That requires knowledge, diligence, and perseverance, but most of all, it requires knowing who to trust. Which architect consistently delivers the best home designs? Which subcontractors share our ideals about quality of work and customer satisfaction? And which material suppliers, sales persons and manufacturers consistently deliver sound advice and quality products?

If quality and customer satisfaction are the goals, competency, experience and trust must exist from the very beginning. It doesn't happen by accident and it doesn't happen just at the job site. It begins the first time you say "Hello" to your builder, and it continues throughout the entire process.

A Woman-Centric Homebuilder:
Our Journey


Designing a custom home can be a bewildering and exhausting journey for even the most seasoned home owner. Many a long night, followed by many long days of redesign to fulfill the evolution of dreams that is home design, can test the substance of almost any home buyer, and many surrender along the way. Fortunately, as we have found, it doesn't have to be that way.


It was a salesman who actually told us about it. We were discussing the amount of time and the frustration our customers encounter to arrive at their "perfect plan".

"I know exactly what you mean", he said. "You meet with your customers and you work together to join their ideas with the sound home design principles that you understand. Then you draw the plans and review them. Then you redraw the plans - once, twice, or three or more times."

"But the process is so long and frustrating because you're always beginning at the end by arranging windows, doors and walls, and working back to the beginning to find out if this one will work. And what happens after days and sometimes weeks of that effort? You present a final drawing to your customers that shows lots of black lines on lots of white paper. And those lines are absolutely incomprehensible to at least 80 per cent of them. Many, in fact, have given up by now and just hope it turns out alright."

"You guys need to become Woman-Centric builders"!


"Woman-Centric?" we asked. "Yes, Woman-Centric! It's a design concept developed by Design Basics, Inc. that takes into account the things that matter most over 90% of the time: a woman's personality and a woman's point of view. You need to design homes for your customers by first recognizing how they want to live in their home. And when you start with a Woman-Centric design, your customers can visualize right from the beginning exactly how they will live in their new home."

It seems like such a simple thing now. Design Basics, the nation's leading home plan design firm, and their researched Woman-Centric home designs, a concept that would transform our entire approach to home building. And thus began the most fortunate chain of events in our entire business history.


We contacted Design Basics and were invited to attend a Woman-Centric Think Tank, where we met some of the country's leading experts in both home design and marketing to women. Just as our (now revered) salesman had said, we learned that more than 90% of all home purchases are either made by or are primarily influenced by women. Home design shouldn't start with windows, doors and walls; it should start with a plan for living.

Imagine our excitement! With a library of hundreds of plans, many already redrawn to incorporate all the design elements that make Woman-Centric the most important concept in home design today, Osborn Home Builders had achieved a new level of home design excellence before we even started. Large or small, one story or two stories, traditional, French-country, whatever the style, the Woman-Centric philosophy was already there. And with Design Basic's one-of-a kind Livability At a Glance presentation, so was our customer's understanding of exactly how the home would "live" and how the home would provide for family and entertaining needs, both now and in the future.